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Guidance for the Structural Funds programmes 2007-2013

Guidance for the Structural Funds programmes 2007-2013

We have created this page as a pointer to our guidance documents, in addition to the site search and sitemap.

The ‘Related links’ will take you to the area that you require guidance. If you cannot find the information you require please contact our helpdesk.

Applying for funding

  • Sponsorship and delivery models guidance
  • Integrated Plans for Sustainable Urban Development (IPSUD)
  • Applying for EU Project Funding
  • Sponsorship, Partnership, Procurement and Grants (SPPG)
  • Making your Proposals to WEFO – How does it Work?
  • Third Sector Access to European Funding
  • Supplementary Guidance on FE Sector Engagement
  • Project Selection and Prioritisation Criteria
  • State aid - general guidance
  • Putting in place State aid cover and State aid reporting requirements

Developing your project

  • Article 55 – Revenue generating projects
  • Retention and management of documents
  • Indirect cost guidance note
  • In-kind match funding
  • Welsh National Rules on the Eligibility of Expenditure
  • Geographic Flexibility / Out-of-area Expenditure
  • Guidance Note on Eligible Staffing Costs
  • Guidance Note on the use of the Flexibility Facility / Cross-financing Principle
  • Major Projects (& Major Project Applications)
  • Guidance note on Retrospection 
  • Guidance Note on Leasing

Cross cutting themes

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Equal opportunities

Delivering your project

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Guidance
  • ESF Indicators, Definitions and Evidence Requirements
  • Category Breakdown Guidance
  • ERDF Indicators, Definitions and Evidence Requirements
  • Reporting Jobs Created
  • Sample Participant Information Form
  • Evaluation Summary Sheet
  • Terms of Reference (including tender scoring sheet)


  • Guidance Note on Defrayment of Expenditure (Cheque Transactions)
  • Claiming Arrangements
  • Transaction List
  • External Audit of Projects
  • Reporting Accountant Terms Of Engagement
  • Progress Report


  • Information and publicity guidelines