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EU projects supported through the 2007–2013 programmes have assisted over 595,900 participants, of which over 200,100 have been supported to gain qualifications and some 64,700 helped into work. In addition, over 31,200 (gross) jobs and some 10,500 enterprises have been created.

The performance of the programmes has been closely monitored by the All-Wales Programme Monitoring Committee, and we are on track to exceed targets agreed with the European Commission.

Organisations in Wales have also benefited by delivering an activity of these EU projects; as at 31 August 2015, projects with completed procurement exercises have been awarded contracts worth £1.49bn to organisations, of which over £1bn (70% of contract value) is to the private sector and over £188m (13%) to the third sector.

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This section includes a list of beneficiaries, the name of the operations and the allocation of public funds (both European and National)
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